High-Safety Lithium Battery, ESS & Generator Solutions for House and Industry

Stack Battery

Green Energy Powering Your life

Battery Innovation, Energy Transformation

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Sodium Battery Cell

Solving Energy Challenges with Sodium-ion Technology

A New Era in Industrial Battery Solutions

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Lithium Battery

Customized Battery Pack Provider

Lithium Ion Battery And Sodium Ion Battery

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Lithium Battery, Sodium Battery, Energy Storage System And Solar Generator for Diverse Needs

Our lithium battery,energy storage system and solar generator are characterized by high efficiency, safety and easy maintenance, and can be used flexibly in various applications. Our goal is to help our customers achieve energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

Lithium BatteryLithium Ion Battery
Custom Lithium Ion Battery

An Alternative Battery Pack Solution

  • High Energy Density
  • Low Self-Discharge Rate
  • Fast Charging Capability
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650W Portable Power Station
650W Portable Power Station

It can be a portable generator if work with solar panels.

  • Battery Backup for Home,Outdoor Camping,Emergencies
  • Light weight,You can take it anywhere
  • 614 Wh tiny but mighty
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Household Power Stack Batteries
Household Power Stack Batteries

Whole home battery backup,Fearless of power outages

  • 5KWH/10KWH/20KWH/More optional
  • Flexible,Stackable,Removable
  • Long life cycle>6500 times
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Solution For Outdoor, Homeowners, Small-medium Business, Factories, etc.

Complete custom solutions, ready for your different needs

High-Safety Lithium Battery, ESS & Generator Solutions for House and Industry

Meet more possibilities --customization, systematization,and modularity are all available here.

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Home Power Solar Generator Solution

Flat Roof Solar Generation and Energy Storage System For 5 People Family

  • Flexible combination
  • Reliable return on investment
  • About 80kWh of electricity can be saved per day
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Golf cart batteries
Custom Golf Cart Batteries

Start building your golf cart battery

  • 6 volt golf cart batteries
  • 8 volt golf cart batteries
  • 48 volt golf cart batteries
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Industrial Battery Storage Container Solution
Industrial Battery Storage Container Solution

Modular Industrial Energy Storage Solutions

  • Built-in BMS management system
  • Tracking and Monitoring Systems
  • Kilowatt hours of green electricity
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E-lary Values the Future of Energy!

E-lary takes the global environmental protection vision as the starting point and allows everyone to use green energy. We specialize in R&D and manufacturing efficient, renewable, sustainable lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries, and energy storage systems for various industrial and commercial applications, reducing costs while providing more eco-friendly, clean, efficient and long-lasting energy solutions for the green future!

E-lary factory

E-lary is a new energy company based on technological innovation, quality service, and honest management.

We provide high-quality sodium batteries, lithium battery power generation and solar power generation energy storage systems and one-stop solutions for families and businesses.

Factory Area
Production Capacity
Production Line
Production Equipment
E-lary advantages


Professional 15-year R&D team

E-lary advantages


Product warranty for 2 years

E-lary advantages

Find Your Solution

One-stop solution expert

E-lary advantages


The product complies with IEC certification

Our Batteries, Your Power Source

E-lary has always been committed to renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly green batteries and energy products, unlocking more possibilities.

E-lary advantage

Quick Response

We are online 24 hours a day to answer all kinds of questions for you

Lithium batteries advantage


We use cutting-edge technology to prevent fire risks

Sodium battery advantage


E-LARY batteries and ESS are designed for high energy density

Home  stack battery advantage


E-lary batteries are designed for durability, ensuring uninterrupted power

Here is What You Need to Know

Explore cutting-edge green energy storage solutions that redefine sustainability. Our expert team shares more advice, tips and guidelines for eco-friendly batteries and storage products, helping you better choose and use batteries and energy storage products for your specific applications.

Hot Selling Batteries and Energy Storage Products

Discover more custom lithium batteries, sodium batteries, solar generators and energy storage products for the home, vehicle, marine and more industries.

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E-lary specializes in customizing batteries and providing energy storage solutions to meet your energy needs while helping you with pre-sales and after-sales service support so that you have no worries. Click on the message to send your needs and sincerely look forward to being friendly with you. cooperate.
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